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What We Do?

The service we offer is specifically designed to meet your needs.

University Admissions

IGEC has agreement with a large number of reputed univeristies in differrent countries. You can send enquiry request or contact directly with nearest office to you.

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PhD / Research

We have experienced consultants specialized in the field of study research and PhD study abroad. We provide you with free counseling and assist you in assessment of your proposal, communicate with suitable academic supervisor and enrol to univeristy.

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Language Courses

Submit your application to one of over 500 quality language schools. We help choose the best quality, price and destination, and best accommodation options.

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Education Fairs

IGEC organizes educational roadshows in regular bases, our events taks palce in differrent cities in the MEA region and attracts hundreds of students and official personels in the field of scholarships and education.

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Academic professional consultations are free ! for all students, parents and scholarship providers and it covers all aspects of study abroad. We also provide Academic and strategic and solutions consultantions to academic providers locally and Globally.

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Visa Assitance

Choose country, Choose visa type, fill the form and upload documents, we will do everything else, such as , book interview, fill form, follow up application, send application by post, .. and more.

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About IGEC?

Helping students achieve their higher education dreams for more than 30 years

By holding regular seminars and conducting promotional campaigns (IGEC Educational Forums and Road Shows), we have established close contacts with the major sponsoring bodies in the MENA region, and signed several contracts to recruit students abroad. Regular advertising and promotional campaigns, which have attracted a large number of students, has given us a good indication of the potential number of students likely to attempt joining abroad universities. IGEC has been working with King Abdullah Scholarship Program (KASP) for the past ten years, during which we placed thousands of students in reputable international universities in the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and UK. The wide vision and perfect visualisation of the IGEC management and consultants helps IGEC emerge as MENA’s fastest growing educational consultancy with widest options in Global Education.

In summary, IGEC provides the following student recruitment services:

  • Counselling students about courses an university/college.
  • Consultation to universities/institutions
  • Generic and specialised training courses
  • School Seminars and interviews
  • Education Exhibitions and Forums in MENA region
  • University/college placement
  • Processing and procurement of student visa
  • Payment through our office of tuition fees, etc
  • Discounted student air tickets
  • Accommodation reservations
  • Airport pick-up reservations
  • Pre-departure briefings

Talent has no limit. IGEC is a company of educational experts dedicated to optimising human potential and creating opportunities for personal growth and global understanding through quality international education, cultural experiences and unparalleled support to students from the Middle East & North Africa and emerging markets.

The International Group for Education Consultancy (IGEC) is the specialized educational agency for Australia, USA, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Canadian education providers. The objective of the IARC is to promote international collaboration in student and partner solution provider. IGEC is inter-disciplinary, bringing together skills in counseling, study abroad and student career path to tailor solutions that best fit the needs of students, education providers and other stakeholders . A significant feature of the IGEC is its expertise in arranging educational events that bring education providers and students on a common platform for personalized interactions and rapid solutions to their study abroad problems. IGEC has a particular interest in organizing these event for education providers of North America and Oceana region to enjoy the maximum benefits of Middle East and North Africa region.

“To be the company that best understands and satisfies the educational, service and self-fulfillment needs of students in the Middle East & North Africa and emerging markets”

Based on the statistics, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region has a population of nearly 400 million people; the MENA region will have the highest youth population with both cohorts aging 0-14 years and 15-24 years reaching 45 percent and 21 percent, respectively. This bulk of population will generate demands for higher education as these regions place more emphasis on developing their human capital than developed economies. However, the number and growth rate of higher education institutions in these regions will not be sufficient to cater to the mentioned high demand. The big youth population in MENA would have to look for higher education abroad as an alternative means.

We have taken many steps with careful planning to engage in more collaboration between English-speaking countries and the Middle East considering the vast opportunity provided by the high youth population which will serve as future student generation. With such strong and supportive demography we have a full confidence in effectively bridging the gap between the two worlds and create a perfect equilibrium between them. You may view our yearly performance


Indicate your study preferneces

Get in touch with our friendly counsellors and discuss what you want to study. Additionally provide the required documents so that they can prepare your file.


Admission Offers

Based on your choice, our Admission Officers will apply to our partner institutes. Counselor will then discuss with you the admission offers you have received to finalise the admission process.



In the final stage, our staff will fulfill all procedural requirements of enrolement & travel so that you can join your classes per schedule.


  • Career Guidance: Education counselors assist students in understanding their interests, strengths, and weaknesses to help them make informed decisions about their academic and career paths.
  • Educational Planning: They help students navigate through various educational options, including colleges, universities, vocational schools, and online programs, considering factors like academic requirements, location, cost, and future prospects.
  • Admissions Assistance: Counselors provide support during the application process, guiding students on filling out forms, writing essays, gathering recommendation letters, and meeting deadlines.
  • Personal Development: They provide emotional support and encouragement, helping students overcome challenges, manage stress, and build resilience throughout their academic journey.
  • Post-Graduation Planning: Counselors advise students on post-graduation options, including job search strategies, resume writing, interview preparation, and graduate school applications.
  • Continued Support: Education counselors often maintain long-term relationships with students, providing ongoing support and guidance as they progress through their educational and professional endeavors.

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Mr. Hani Shadid

Senior Manager

Sydney Office

Mr. Tariq Ababneh

Branch Manager

Jeddah Office

Mr. Anas Tarman

Senior Manager

Amman Office

Mr. Ali Nadi

Branch Manager

Riyadh Office

Happy Students

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“The consultancy services provided by IGEC were instrumental in guiding me through the process of choosing the right career path. The personalized advice and support helped me gain clarity and confidence in my decisions.”

Ahmed Khateeb

Undergraduate Student

“I was struggling to find internships that aligned with my interests and career goals until I reached out to IGEC. I highly recommend their services to any student seeking direction in their academic or professional journey.”

Bilal Ahmed

Foundation Student

“From selecting the right universities to crafting application essays, their consultants were there every step of the way. I am grateful for their expertise and support, which ultimately helped me gain admission to my dream school.”

Khaled Ahmed Haidar

Undergraduate Student

“As an international student, I faced unique challenges when applying to universities. IGEC not only helped me understand the requirements and expectations but also assisted me in showcasing my strengths effectively in my applications.”

Meral Khaled Alotebe

Postgraduate Student

“Studying abroad was a dream I wasn't sure I could achieve until I found IGEC. Their comprehensive guidance, from choosing the right destination to handling visa procedures, made the entire process seamless.”

Taleb Khaled T ALMARRI

Graduate Student

“Thanks to IGEC, my study abroad experience exceeded all expectations. Their team helped me explore various options and ultimately choose a program that perfectly aligned with my academic and personal interests.”

Sarah Khaled O ALHARBI

Research Student